Boatlife finance bundle

Are you ready to set sail and start your life at sea?

download our boatlife finance bundle now to understand the financial aspects of living on the sea and cruising the world.

after 3 years living on ForTuna we share how we financed our sailboat, boat upgrades and daily life

This bundle is for those who want to understand:

  • what does a liveaboard boat cost?
  • how much does it cost to prepare the boat to live on it?
  • 3 ways to finance a sailboat and boat upgrades
  • what expenses will affect you monthly once you own a boat?
  • what does it cost to live on a boat?
  • how your lifestyle will impact your liveaboard budget?

what do you get?

3 years of cruising experience condensed into 54 pages full of boatlife information

4 tables of real life data we collected on our 14.000nm sail across 16 countries

a set of worksheets to estimate your personal boat-life costs

want answers to the following questions?

  • how much does it cost to life on a boat?
  • how much does it costs to travel the world on a boat?
  • how much does it costs to fully equip a liveaboard boat?
  • how to finance all these costs?

take a peak into
the chapters of the bundle

no inspirational quotes, just facts and numbers $