When Sailing we fished our first tuna (log06)

Since we put the first fishing hook into the water, our dream was to catch a tuna. First and mostly, because we wanted to make sashimi. You can imagine our happiness when the second fish we caught was a beautiful shining tuna. 

tail of a tuna fish

We were on our way from Panarea to Stromboli. Most of the crew was napping on the boat, after a great lunch at anchor. As now was our habit, we put out our fishing line, but with not much hope as we had only caught 1 wish in 5 weeks. But it seems that sometimes luck strikes those who have lost hope. 1 nautical mile in front of Stromboli, the fishing rod started sirring.

You can imagine our surprise! Michael and I immediately jumped up, looking first at the fishing rod and then at each other. Was this happening? Two fish in one week? As we asserted we were not still dreaming, we woke our friends to help. We luckily were 6 people on board, so while Michael took care of the fishing rod, three crew members and I took down first the Genoa and then the mainsail. Once done, the fish was still on the hook, and it was now time to help Michael get it on board. 

sailors fishing

We knew it was a bigger fish then we caught before because he was quite reluctant to get aborad. Having broken already a few fishing lines, we were super careful not pulling it in too hard and decided to let the fish fight and get tired. For about 30 minutes, I steered the boat in the direction of the fish while Michael pulled in and let go of the fishing line according to the strength of the fish. Finally, we saw the shimmer of a fish in the sea.

tuna in the water on a fishing line
tuna in the water on a fishing line
tuna in the water on a fishing line

One of our crew members had already prepared the fishing net, but as the fish came closer, we realized that this fish would no fit in our net. But how should we get it on board? We first tried with the fishing rod, but each time the fish was slightly out of the water, we were scared the line would break and how sad would it be to loose the fish now. A different solution was needed. Following his instincts, Michael jumped onto the platform, grabbed the tuna, and pulled the fish on board.

sailor michael hofer catching a tuna fish
sailor michael hofer catching a tuna fish
sailor michael hofer catching a tuna fish

We were all in awe, once we had this magnificent creature on our boat. Neither of us had ever seen a whole tuna. We almost felt sorry to know that most people only knew it from a can. After contemplating its beauty, we hoped that it would fit in our fridge as the sea was to rocky to filet the tuna.

fresh tuna fished
sailor michael hofer catching a tuna fish
fresh tuna in fridge

Once arrived in calm waters at Stromboli, we watched a lot of Videos to be sure to filet the tuna in the right way to avoid any unnecessary waste. We ended the day with a tuna steak on our plate and a laugh about our sweet and little fishing net.

fresh tuna
sailor filett tuna fish
fresh tuna steaks

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  2. Fanatics for Fishing Avatar

    That is such an amazing catch! How did the tuna taste, was it amazing?

    1. Salty Greta Avatar
      Salty Greta

      Tuna always tastes amazing 🙂

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