Tropea – 3 reasons why you should sail there

Located in the south of Italy, Tropea was not on our original route. But the beauty of living on a sailboat is the freedom in making changes last minute. After visiting the famous Stromboli (for the second time 🙂 ) the wind was more favorable to sail to Tropea than to Sicily, so off we sailed to main land Italy and could not have made a better decision. Here are our three reasons why you should sail to Tropea

beach of tropea, italy

1 – Well kept marina, recently renovated

Marinas in Italy can be pretty old fashioned, with many dating into early 2000. This marina was freshly renovated and holds all the necessities a sailor could need. As we were there a part of the marina was still under construction but it should be finished by now.

harbour of tropea, italy
sailboat in the port of tropes, italy

2 – Sightseeing

Small town streets, picturesque markets, Calabrian sweets and buildings situated on cliffs. What else do you need after a long sail to recover in style? If you go there don’t miss the Sanctuary of Saint Mary on a singular rock close to shore.

Sanctuary of Holy Mary Tropea, Italy
Sanctuary of Holy Mary Tropea, Italy

White beaches and crystal clear water

the water is turquoise, the sand is white, and all these surrounded by spectacular cliffs only 10min walking from the marina. Perfect for a day off-sail or if you prefer boat life, perfect for a day at anchor after a short sail.

beach in tropea, italy with sunbeds
beach in tropea, italy

In the end we were super lucky to have changed our plans and include Tropea in our Sailing route. If you ever have the chance it is definitely worth passing by.

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  1. […] So off we went to mainland Italy heading for Tropea. Looking back, it was a great decision. Not only did we manage to approach the straight safely, but we also visited one of the most stunning places so far. Funnily before visiting Tropea, we knew the city only because of the variety of onions named after it. Now, we will remember it forever for its steep cliffs, small streets, farmer markets and sanctuaries placed on cliffs overseeing the Italian coast. As you can see, we are pretty in love with Tropea, if you want to find out why read our 3 reasons to sail to Tropea. […]

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