When Sailing the Aeolian Islands, Sicily (log05)

Going to Sicily is better than going to the moon.

Gabriel Garcìa Màrquez

Well, we had to check for our selves, so after Sailing one month in Sardinia, we took another month to explore Sicily and in specific the Aeolian Islands. Praised in songs and poems, these 7 islands have been on our top list of places to sail to since we bought the boat. Funnily, it was Greta’s mum who put them on that list, as it is her own private dream to go and visit them. So knowing she would come to visit at the end of the month, we planned our sailing route accordingly.

harbor of Cagliari, Sicily

The first thing we did in Sicily? Explore their cuisine. Oh, how we love Italian cuisine, especially because every single place has its specialties, they have their own world of foods and somehow these worlds are always incredible and unbelievably tasty. In Sicily, we had to taste, Arancini and Cannoli. Both deep-fried, but both worth the extra calories. And hey, the cannoli are not with cream like many would think, but with Ricotta, a very light creamy Italian cheese, so they are almost dietarian. Almost 🙂

cannolo siciliano on a sailboat

But enough of food let us go back to sailing. We departed from Catania and on our way to Cefalu caught our first fish. What an experience! Until now, we always managed to lose the fish by breaking the fishing line, but this time, we managed to get him on the boat! We had two friends aboard who helped us in this exciting moment, and we are thrilled to have shared it with them. It’s those common experiences which for forge and strengthen friendships.

catching a fish with a net

We brought the fish safely to Cefalu, an astonishingly beautiful town. The harbor, unfortunately, is located behind the hill, so you have to walk about 1km to go to town (which can be pretty tricky in the summer heat). But the harbor itself is charming, so no need to go to town, if you do not need groceries or spare parts.

Sailboat in Cefalu, Italy
Sailboat in port of Cefalu, Italy
Sunset in Cefalu, Italy

It was time to pick up a second couple of friends and leave for the Aeolian Islands. ForTuna was brimming with excitement, as all her 6 crew members could not wait to explore the Aeolian Island. Obviously, Stromboli was on top of our list of places to explore. The most active volcano in the world! We could not wait to go there. 

sailing instructions
Aeolian Islands
Aeolian Islands, Italy

The first impressions of the Aeolian Islands were according to all our expectations. Small islands, with cliffs and sandy beaches, most only accessible by boat. We spent the night in Lipari, a lovely little town, where your Italian dreams of Bella Vita will all come true.

Sailboat in Lipari, Aeolian Islands, italy
Aeolian Islands

On our second day, we spent lunch at an anchorage in Panarea. Here we spotted our first octopus, which immediately went on Michael’s list of sea animals to catch and eat. It was still pretty fresh, even if it was already the end of May, but our friends did not stop and jumped into the dinghy to go and swim at the shore. After lunch, we departed to go to Stromboli, but more of that in our next blog post.

Sailboat in Aeolian Islands, Italy
Aeolian Islands, friends on small boat

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