The ultimate sailing gift guide for every sailor budget

Choosing the best sailing gifts for the sailor in your life can be daunting, especially if you’re not a sailing lover yourself. But no worries, whether it’s Christmas or a birthday if you’re looking for the perfect sailing gift for someone who loves the water or is a sailor, we have you covered. Read on for 10 sailor gift ideas to choose from.

best sailing gift for sailors

The sailing world can feel distant and foreign if you are not a sailor, but after 4 years of boat life, we feel confident to guide you in selecting the perfect sailing present for sailors, cruisers or liveaboard.

Due to the restriction in space and the harsh environment on a sailboat, a sailing gift should preferably be:

  • Compact and functional
  • Don’t require a lot of extra resources (water, power, space)
  • Durable – Made of quality materials built for a marine environment

We also consider the environmental aspect when choosing sailing gifts for each other. Most sailors value the extra thought due to their strong connection to the ocean so keep that in mind when choosing a sailing gift. All the items of this Gift idea list respect the ocean and it’s inhabitants.

best sailor gifts for christmas

Disclaimer: we do get a small commission if you buy products linked in this blog. Nevertheless, all the items you see here are used by us daily on our sailboat ForTuna. We only recommend sailing gear proof tested by us. If you would like to support us make your buy through our links to allow us to stay afloat.

Best 4 Sailing Gifts under 50€

Sailing Gloves – 35€ sailor gift

Ever got burned by a sheet slipping through your hands? It’s not a pleasant experience. Whether a professional skipper or a Sunday sailor, sailing gloves should be a part of their sailing gear. The reasonable price and high request make them the perfect sailing gift for your favourite sailing buddy. There are different sailing gloves on the market depending on where you sail (cold, warm climate), your sailing level and personal preference. We use sailing gloves from Zhik (use BOATLIFE10 to get 10% discount).

sailing gift under 50 euro

The sailor’s checklist – 20€ sailing gift

Safety is the number one priority on every boat. There should never be a discussion about it. However, boat safety includes so many aspects that sometimes we need to catch up on smaller or bigger things. To avoid any mistakes and be prepared in emergencies, we have not only one but two Sailor’s Checklists on our sailboat ForTuna. One is accessible on board for when we leave for longer passages and one is in our grab bag for emergency access. Why? Because this waterproof booklet includes not only checklists for navigation and sailboat maintenance but also first aid rules, Man-overboard manoeuvres and distress signals. In our opinion, this is a no-brainer sailing gift at an unbeatable price for every sailor or sailboat owner. Get your Sailor’s Checklist here.

Sailing hat – 35€ sailor gift

On a boat, you are constantly exposed to wind and sun. Especially the sun can be very damaging to your skin, and protecting it should be of utmost priority when sailing. If you want to keep your favourite sailor save, choose a nice sailing hat as a sailing gift.

Wetbag – 30eur sailing gift

There is no need to explain that sailing happens on the water and that most of our beloved goods, from phones to wallets, are not waterproof. A wet bag makes a perfect sailing gift for both the newbie sailor and the experienced captain. Nowadays, wet bags come in all forms and shapes, we personally love the ones from Zhik (use BOATLIFE10 to get 10% discount).

sailing gift for 30 euro - wet bag

Best 3 Sailing Gifts under 200€

Sailing shoes – 90€ sailor gift

Like most sports sailing requires specific footwear. Proper sailing shoes are necessary on sailboats to keep the athlete protected and the white Gelcoat and teak of sailboats intact. Sailing shoes should have appropriate rubber soles to avoid slipping on wet surfaces and be adequate for the climate. More information about sailing shoes here.

sailing gift under 200 euro - sailing sunglasses

Sailing Sunglasses – 160€ sailing gift

The chance is very high that every sailor lost their sunglasses at least once. However, it took two young Italian oculists to finally create the sailing sunglasses we were waiting for in 2019. Uniquely designed for sailors and watersports, the START sunglasses not only feature polarised lenses, which are crucial to read the sea while sailing and anchoring but finally have an incorporated strap to avoid losing them. They are produced using recycled materials and come in a case produced out of old fishing nets. A sailing gift that ticks every aspect and we can highly recommend using the glasses daily on ForTuna. Get them here today.

Sailing luggage – 120€ sailing gift

Space on sailboats is very limited so sailing luggage should be waterproof and easily foldable to take up the least amount of space while sailing. Sailing luggage usually includes different sections to divide your wet and dry sailing gear when necessary. This is a great sailing gift, as you do not need to guess clothing sizes or sailing preferences. Hop over to Zhik to choose the model which suits your needs. (use BOATLIFE10 to get 10% discount).

Best 3 Sailing Gifts over 200€

Foul Weather Gear

When we moved on board of ForTuna, we were convinced that we did not need foul-weather gear. We brought our skiing gear and were confident that our ski jacket and trousers would hold off water and wind. One sail on a rainy day quickly taught us that these clothes would not cut it. Great foul-weather gear is one of the best investments a sailor can make and therefore make a great sailing gift. Foul weather gear consists of weather-resistant trousers and jackets in different price ranges. The main differences in prices come due to the materials used and the added features like reflective stripes or visors, which make it more suitable to specific sailing environments. Have a look here for different foul weather gear options ranging from 300 to 900€. (use BOATLIFE10 to get 10% discount).


Yes, yes we know what you are thinking. When we started sailing, we laughed at our boat neighbours with walkies. We had our hand signs and confidence, looking down at them. 3 years later and after many loud disagreements in rain, wind or sun, we asked Santa Klaus (or my dad xD) for some walkie-talkies. I will never forget my dad’s face. Imagine your 30-year-old daughter coming up to you and asking for walkie-talkies. Let’s just say we had a good laugh about it. A sailing gift we can recommend for every sailboat owner.

Sailing Experiences

Well, what better sailing gift to make a sailor happy than to actually make them sail! If newbie or expert sailor there is a sailing experience out there that will fit your sailing gift description. Ask your local sailing school if they offer any sailing experiences in the future or send us a message if you want to join us during the next sailing season here

Extra tip

Not sure what your sailing friends needs or what kind of gear he already has. Choose an item from our stay salty collection. Every single one makes a great sailing presents and supports your favourite sailing creators 😉

We hoped you like the blog post and found your perfect sailing gift. Remember no gift is more precious than our time. If you would like to explore more sailing adventures subscribe now to our newsletter or follow @whensailing on most social media platforms.

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