Digital Sea Nomad Bundle


How do we make money while living on a sailboat? The Digital Sea Nomad bundle will answer this question and disclose 16 remote income streams.

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How do we make money while living on a sailboat?

You are ready to start your boatlife but struggle to understand how to make money from a boat? No worries we got you covered. In the 64 pages of our Digital Sea Nomad guide we will show you different income streams and what you need to create an office on board. We will also share tips about how to stay productive on board and a list of websites full of Digital Nomad Resources. Moreover the bundle includes worksheets to help you figure out the best income stream for you.

At the end of this guide, you will have understood:

  • what kind of income streams are possible from a sailboat?
  • how you can make money from a sailboat?
  • what you need to set up an office on board?
  • how to stay productive when boatlife adventures call?


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