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How much does it costs to live on a boat? The Boatlife finance bundle will not only answer this question but also disclose 3 ways to finance the liveaboard sailboat of your dreams.

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Boatlife costs and how to finance them

How much does it cost to live on a sailboat?

You are ready to start your boatlife but struggle to figure out the financial side of it? No worries we got you covered. In the 54 pages of our Boatlife Finance guide we will guide you step by step across all the aspects of boatlife to understand how much your personal boatlife bugdet might be, and we will share 3 methods we used to finance it all.

At the end of this guide, you will have understood:

  • how much money you will need to buy your boat?
  • how much will you need to invest in setting up the boat to live on it?
  • what are the different ways to finance a boat?
  • what expenses will affect you monthly or yearly once you own a boat?
  • what expenses will affect you monthly or yearly once you live on a boat?
  • how your choices and lifestyle will impact those expenses

1 review for Boatlife finance bundle

  1. Brent Shean (verified owner)

    Nicely detailed and easy to understand. Very useful guide to planning life on board!

    • Hofer Michael

      Thanks Brent! Glad you liked it🙏 happy sailing ⛵️

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