About us

We are Greta and Michael and we travel the sea to spread awareness of climate change and animal endangerment.

Greta and Michael at sea on a sailboat

Since April 2019 we travel the Mediterranean on our sailboat ForTuna. Sailing along the coast of Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, France and Spain has shown us the huge impact climate change already has on sea, land and the animals living on it. Protecting the incredible scenery and animals we had the luck to experience during our first month at sea has become our main goal.

girl on sailboat with dolphin

Our mission

we travel environmental friendly from country to country to raise awareness for climate change and showcase organisations who are fighting climate change and/or animal endangerment

Our Actions

we share our knowledge about a sustainable lifestyle and inspire eco-friendly travels on all our channels

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every country we explore we meet up with local organisations who fight climate change or animal endangerment to support their work.

ARC+ 2020
we will take part in the Atlantic crossing race to spread awareness about climate change and animal endangerment

Our Journey so far

513 days living on ForTuna ⛵️



n. miles


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All our Sailing Destinations

We love traveling as much as we love sharing our discoveries with you. Check out our favourite sailing destinations so far.