Gift Ideas for the eco-friendly traveler 2019

Living sustainably, respecting our earth and the nature surrounding us is a big part of our life. If you read any of the last reports about water pollution, endangered animals or climate change, you know that we need to adapt our lifestyle in order to preserve the planet we live on.

eco friendly travel gift guide for christmas

The festive season can be pretty overwhelming and sometimes we might forget or be too exhausted to end the year in the most eco-friendly way possible. To help you achieve your sustainable goals, we decided to share with you the best eco-friendly gifts. 

As we are travelers ourselves, we chose to make a list of all the best eco-friendly presents for all the travelers in your life.

Cozy Travel Jacket

Who does not need a nice warm jacket to discover the ski slopes in Switzerland, the fjords in Norway or the tops of the mountains in the Alps? The clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, therefore, gifting clothing might seem not very eco-friendly. But here comes in the great company Patagonia! They developed a program to recycle old jackets and resell them at a reasonable price.

Check them out Wearworn Patagonia.

Plastic-Free Travel Safety Razor 

Being on the go doesn’t have to come at the expense of a proper shave. Personally, I prefer waxing my hairy body parts, but for all those friends of yours who prefer shaving, here is the eco-friendly and travel-friendly solution: the Plastic-Free Travel Safety Razor

Plastic-Free Food Containers

This one is my personal favorite and I hope someone is reading it out there and thinking it might be the perfect present for us. They are actually three gift ideas in one, but you might choose the one most adaptable to the person you have in mind.

We all need food and buying food and bringing food with us is part of our life. So should a plastic-free way of purchasing and transporting food. To do so, we need 3 essentials to avoid any single-use alternatives.

The first idea concerns grocery shopping, especially the purchase of fruits and vegetables. When we visited Turkey it was astonishing to see how many single-use plastic bags were used on the weekly fruit and vegetable markets. There we understood that it was the duty of the buyer to bring their own Cotton Mesh bags to avoid the plastic pollution caused on markets.

The second one is the Beewax food wrap. It is perfect because it adapts to whatever food you are carrying with you and once you consumed the food, it easily folds away and won’t need any extra carrying space until its next use. For the crafty ones in you, there are many DYI instructions out there to make some yourselves. For all the other ones more clumsy like me, here is a lovely shop where you can find Beewax wraps and other plastic-free options.

For all those foods which are sensitive we have our third idea – the storage box. This one is also very useful if you want to bring your lunch to work or have a nice picnic in the woods. You can find them in different shapes and sizes, so feel free to choose the most appropriated one here.

Travel Mug

Besides transportation and clothing, plastic bottles and cups are the worst polluters during a journey. Help out a friend to reduce their carbon footprint while traveling by making this beautiful travel mug the perfect gift for them. By buying this travel mug, you even support the Honeybee Conservacy Organisation.

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