Best sailing destinations of 2020 in the Mediterranean Sea

And it seems another 365 days have passed. But this time, we have spent 263 of those days living on a sailboat! We feel more than happy to be able to say that. We are incredibly thankful for all the great opportunities and experiences we were able to have this year, thanks to our decision to live on a sailboat and thanks to taking the risk of setting sail without a clear destination.

During this year, we have climbed volcanos, sailed with dolphins, swam with turtles, met incredibly interesting people around the Meditteranean, caught a 45kg tuna (probably the most stoking experience), and obviously sailed a lot. In total, we sailed 3232 nautical miles, stayed in 56 marinas and spent 92 nights at anchor. 

Looking at those numbers, we only now slowly start to realize what we have been able to achieve this year and how far we have come. From Sardinia, Italy to Tel Aviv, Israel. From the perspective of a modern traveler, this might seem a short 3hour flight, but for a sailor, those are weeks and weeks of sailing. And as much fun and liberating sailing might be, everyone who has ever stepped on a sailboat knows that at the end of the day, you are happy to let the anchor drop and pop open that cold beer.

This year gave us the opportunity to sail to many amazing sailing destinations, so we thought it would be nice to share with you our favourite sailing places of 2019. After a short brainstorming session, Michael and I quickly agreed on what are the most incredible sailing destinations we have visited in the Mediterranean Sea this year. We still have to sail to sailing destinations in the western Mediterranean Sea, but having covered 2/3 of the Mediterranean Sea we feel pretty sure to call the following three destinations, the Best Sailing Destinations in 2020 in the Mediterranean Sea.

Turquoise Coast, Turkey

We have to admit we were completely unaware of this coastline before we entered Turkey. But luckily many of our Followers recommend this sailing area and what a pity it would have been if we would have missed this sailing coast. Located on the Teke Penisula between Marmaris and Antalya, this strip of land offers the best of Turkey. Small rocky bays, long sandy beaches and ancient ruins, all framed by jade water and forest-blanketed slopes.


Does this already sound perfect? And we did not tell you the best part jet! The whole area is equipped perfectly for sailboats! Most small bays host a restaurant with a dock or mooring balls for the night. Every bigger city incorporates equipped marinas for winter moorings or troubleshooting during your summer holidays. So whatever you like it cozy and small in a bay or loud and big in a city, this strip of land offers it all, while permitting you calm sailing days and a splash in turquoise waters.

Kalymnos, Greece

Are you looking for the right mixture of land and sea for your summer trip? Then don’t look any further. Kalymnos offers wide areas of sea for sailing activities, magnificent bays for anchoring, marinas for safe mooring and steep cliffs to climb or mountains to hike. 

Only located a sailing day away from Kos Marina, where you can charter a sailboat, this Island will keep you busy all week long. Prefer a beautiful sailing day and a splash into the crystalline water? You find it here. Prefer a lazy stroll through narrow streets in the town. You will find it on this Island. You prefer hiking up the mountains or even climb the steep rocks falling into the sea? You will find plenty of possibilities here.

Gallipoli, Italy

This place has no steep cliffs like Kalymnos and no ancient ruins like the turquoise coast, but it is still our favorite place. Why? The incredible watercolor! You can literally find all shades from deep blue to turquoise to crystal clear by just rowing in your dinghy from your sailboat to shore. I simply have to admit that my words won’t be able to describe this place and that also the pictures fail to transmit the beauty we were able to see there. So please, if you ever have the chance to sail there do and enjoy the spectacular views given by nature (and obviously the fantastic cuisine of the town 🙂 ). If you want to know more about Gallipoli, check out our blog post “The most beautiful place to sail to in Italy”

Have you ever sailed or visited any of the three places in the list? Let us know in the comments your experience in those places and what you think about the post. Don’t forget to subscribe for the e-mail updates or follow us on instagram or facebook to join us in this experience.

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