5 Presents every Sailor will love

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Soon the bells will start. And the thing that will make them ring. Is the carol that you sing right within your heart.

Oh, sorry for getting lost in this classic Christmas song. But yes I am one of those people who are looking forward to lights on every tree and the same four famous Christmas songs on the radio. I know most of you are rolling your eyes right now, but wherever you like it or not, Christmas is around the corner and with it the emotional stress of finding the right gift for your loved ones.

But no worries, we got you covered! Every sailor has their personal list, but speaking to Sailors around the Mediterranean, we met along the way we can agree that the items on this list are the most sought after.

No matter if its a sailor girl, a newbie sailor, or an old sailing wolf here, you will find something for everyone (and every budget).

Disclaimer: we do get a small commission if you buy products linked in this blog. But no worries the price for you will not change. So if you would like to support us make your buy through our links to allow us to stay afloat.

Here are the best gifts for sailors, men and women.

1 Sailing lessons/experiences

Well what better way to make a sailor happy then to actually make them sail! If newbie or expert sailors there are a lot of experiences or courses out there that will fit your description. You might have a local sailing school you can reach out to for sailing lessons or might prefer online versions to start with. Book a sailing week for the next season or shoot a message to your favourite live-aboards they might take one sailors from time to time. 😉

2 Saftey equipment

Safety has the highest priority on a sailboat and involves so many different aspects. After living on board for almost 3 years we still learn something new regarding safety whenever we leave for a passage. On our last passage, we discovered the sailor checklist, which brings you through all the steps and safety checklists you should take care of for a longer passage or when you come back to your sailboat after a longer time (like to not forget that seacock for your motor!). The checklist does not only include information for sailboat owners but also includes many tips and tricks for emergencies. Main reason why the guide is completely waterproof is that you can always carry it with you. We for example have even two guides, one in our grab bag if we would ever need to get off-board and one accessible while sailing.

No matter if you actually go for a safety device or decide to go for the sailor checklist (20euro), it will definitely make the next sailing season safer.

3 Charts, charts, charts

No sailor can navigate the waters without appropriated charts. Well, Colombus did, but he did not really end up where he wanted so…

Nowadays, charts are mostly digital, as they are a lot handier on a boat (don’t get wet, need less space, zooming is somehow smoother 🙂 ). The most well-known maps are Navionics charts, so you could get them a gift voucher for Navioncis or even a tablet with preloaded Navioncis cards. However, some sailors do love some beautiful paper charts as their batteries never run low:).

4 Sailboat equipment

This one is for all the lucky sailors who can call a sailboat their own. Every year sailboat maintenance is a big part of a sailor’s life. There are things that need to get fixed or new equipment that needs to be installed. The range of possible presents it’s huge (and depends immensely on your budget), so here are our top three sustainable sailboat maintenance/equipment ideas (one for every budget):

4.1 Water filters ($)

For us still one of the best investments on board of ForTuna! not only will you avoid buying thousands of bottles of plastic and definitely contribute to keeping the oceans clean, but you also don’t need to carry those horrible bottles around, don’t need space to store them and don’t need space to store the garbage once they are empty. what else to say? we just love our Riva filters. we have been using them now for almost 2 years, tested them in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean, and would never ever go back.

4.2 Antifouling paint ($$)

The annoying task of redoing your antifouling is one that comes around more often than we would like. You might need some inside information for this one as it depends on the boat type and the hull material (aluminum, fiberglass, wood), which antifouling paint you need. This year we are going to test a reef-friendly silicon version from Seajet. subscribe to our youtube channel, if you would like to see the review about it once we applied it.

Ps: if you don’t know the Antifouling paint you should buy, you could instead make them a voucher for the sanding down of the old paint. Yeez, I would love that present as it will save us hours of work and days of back pain.

4.3 Batteries ($$$)

No need to hide it! We sailors love a good remote anchorage immersed in nature, but let’s face it modern tech is part of our lives now and we very probably “need” that phone to take pictures or simply need the energy to power our sailing instruments. Electricity is a huge part of our lives and this is no different on boats. We just upgrades this year to lithium batteries (the whole process can be seen here) and our lives change completely.

5 Stay Salty collection

Looking for a salty present, which makes your sailor happy and supports your favourite sailing channel 😉 check out our new StaySalty collection of:

5.1 Eco-sustainbale t-shirts and hoodies

All our apparel is made of bio-cotton or recycled materials and is only produced at the moment you order it, in the production facility closest to you (we have partnered with over 25 production sides over the world to reduce pollution caused by shipping). This means we do not waste fabric, ink or electricity to produce goods not sold yet and reduce our carbon footprint by over 90%!

5.2 Sailing inspired wall art!

We are especially proud of our Stay Salty 2022 calendar, which features 12 of our favourite sailing destinations! Get inspired every month by one of our favourite sailing spots so far and create your own sailing destination bucket list. The same logic of reducing Co2 emissions and saving ink and electricity explained for the T-shirts does apply to our wall art.

Extra tip – Reef Safe Sunscreen

We Sailors love our sea and seeing it damaged by pollution has a significant impact on our sailing experience. Therefore protecting the sea is our first mission. Unfortunately, not everyone yet knows that traditional sunscreens play a big part in the pollution of our sea, as they directly disperse in the sea when we jump in for a refreshing swim. So help your sailor to protect its beloved oceans by gifting them an ocean safe sunscreen.

We wish you a merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful time together with your family. And remember no present is more precious then our time :). let us know in the comments what you think about the post. and don’t forget to subscribe for e-mail updates or follow us on instagram or facebook to join us in this experience.

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    Check out http://www.chartmugs.com for awesome nautical gifts!

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    Hello Greta & Michael, great post and I really love the new list of the five best presents for a sailor. Kisses & hugs. Rosa

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