5 best sailing spots in Sardegna, Italy

We have been cruising in Sardegna for over a month and have been lucky to sail to extremely beautiful spots along the Eastcoast. Sardegna can be pretty hard on sailors due to the Maestrale, a strong wind from the north, which fills your sails and keeps you up at night. Therefore we decided to share the best 5 spots to sail and anchor safely along the Eastcoast of Sardegna.

sailboat in Sardegna

1 – Cala Gonone / Cala Goloritze

The hot spot for all climbers, because you can only reach it by boat or a 2h walk. We love places you only can reach by boat, so we needed to anchor there and it was worth the while. Cala Gonone offers multiple caves and beaches to explore by sailboat and the “pisello”, a single high rock which can be climbed. Unfortunately, it is not very sheltered from the Maestrale, so do not choose the port or the beach to hide out the wind.

cave of cala Gonone, Sardegna
Cala Goloritze, Sardegna

2 – Porto Rotondo

Our home port for 3 weeks. It is a port for luxurious yachts and has been a favorite spot for high society in the nineties. Today it is a well-kept marina with beautiful surroundings and a charming town to explore. It is pretty empty until Easter, but then it fills with tourists and all the shops and restaurants open. A great spot to explore the north of Sardinia by sailboat, if you prefer to return to safe harbor at the end of a sailing day.

Porto Rotondo, Sardegna

3 – St. Maria Navarrese

This was our most loved place. It was the cheapest marina along the coast, but on the other hand, with the best amenities. Showers and Toilets have probably been renovated in the last year. Besides that, the town features an incredible landscape, long white beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque promenades to enjoy. We only stayed one night, but we would have loved to stay there longer. There are even two small island in front of the town which you can easily explore by boat.

Port of Santa Maria Navarrese, Sardegna
Beach of Santa Maria Navarrese, Sardegna
Beach of Santa Maria Navarrese, Sardegna
Islands of Santa Maria Navarrese, Sardegna

4 – Cagliari

 You can not leave the island without having seen the capital. It offers old ruins to explore, flamingos to observe and food to indulge in. It can be tricky to get into one of the marinas, so try to contact them beforehand and figure out which one makes you the best price. Also, they are all quite trashy but so is the city and it adds to the flair 😉

Cagliari, Sardegna
Park in Cagliari, Sardegna
Port of Cagliari, Sardegna

5 – Villasimius

This town might not hold antique ruins to explore or white beaches to enjoy, but it is located in a strategic position and holds an annual foiling cup guaranteeing some spectacular sailing views all year round. It is the most SE tip of Sardegna and, therefore, ideal to start your crossing to Sicily or mainland Italy. They have a decent marina shop and a helpful marina service, but it is hard to enter the marina with strong Meltemi – so make sure you have selected a suitable time window for the crossing.

Villasimius, Cagliari, Sardegna

Extra spot – St. Maddalena

We did not manage to sail there but visited it by land. Nevertheless, we can not finish this list without mentioning this place. It is one of the most incredible places in the Mediterranean. Sail there if you have the chance, we will for sure when we sail back to Italy next summer.

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