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The most beautiful place to sail to in Italy

Punta prosciutto, gallipoli, italy

Many of you now probably expect Cinque Terre, Capri or Amalfi, but sorry to disappoint, the most beautiful and rarely mentioned place to sail to is Gallipoli. Gallipoli has been named the most beautiful beach by trip advisor in 2019, yet rarely people think about sailing there. As beautiful the beach and water are from the land, it will never compare to the beauty you see from the sea. The watercolor changes from all shades from dark blue to turquoise ending into transparent once you reach the shore.

watercolor in gallipoli

When we sailed there we just wanted to stop over from a long leg but ended anchoring here 3 nights. If you go on land you will find Punta Proscuitto, a small cliff filled with Italians enjoying “la Bella vita”. We just loved how they placed the sunbeams on the cliffs and what more do you need then a well-made cocktail to enjoy all of this.

beach in punta prosciutto, gallipoli, italy
girl in bar on beach in gallipoli, italy
sunset in punta prosciutto Gallipoli Italy

If you need more city life, sail over to the old city. A beautiful town surrounded by old town walls which hide many good restaurants and shops to fulfill every of your pleasure. We actually cruised in with the dinghy and docked our dinghy to the restaurant’s private dock. How cool is that? Gallipoli definitely made us feel like in a movie and we can not wait to sail back there.

city of Gallipoli Italy
dinner in city of Gallipoli Italy

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By Salty Greta

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[…] We spent 3 days in Gallipoli, jumping naked into the turquoise water, eating seafood at the restaurant’s pontoon and getting lost in the small streets of the old town. We are so much in love with Gallipoli that we decided to write a separate post about it. Find all the reasons why we love Gallipoli in our blog post “best place to sail to in Italy“. […]

[…] This place has no steep cliffs like Kalymnos and no ancient ruins like the turquoise coast, but it is still our favorite place. Why? The incredible watercolor! You can literally find all shades from deep blue to turquoise to crystal clear by just rowing in your dinghy from your sailboat to shore. I simply have to admit that my words won’t be able to describe this place and that also the pictures fail to transmit the beauty we were able to see there. So please, if you ever have the chance to sail there do and enjoy the spectacular views given by nature (and obviously the fantastic cuisine of the town 🙂 ). If you want to know more about Gallipoli, check out our blog post “The most beautiful place to sail to in Italy” […]

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