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15 Christmas Presents every Sailor will love

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Soon the bells will start. And the thing that will make them ring. Is the carol that you sing right within your heart.

Oh, sorry for getting lost in this classic Christmas song. But yes I am one of those people who are looking forward to lights on every tree and the same four famous Christmas songs on the radio. I know most of you are rolling your eyes right now, but wherever you like it or not, Christmas is around the corner and with it the emotional stress of finding the right gift for your loved ones.

But no worries, we got you covered! Every sailor has their personal list, but speaking to Sailors around the Mediterranean, we met along the way we can agree that the items on this list are the most sought after.

No matter if its a sailor girl, a newbie sailor, or an old sailing wolf here, you will find something for everyone (and every budget).

Disclaimer for Italian customers: we do get a small commission if you buy products linked in this blog. But no worries the price for you will not change. So if you would like to support us make your buy through our links to allow us to stay afloat.

Here are the best gifts for sailors, men and women.

1 Sailing gloves

Sailing gloves are a critical piece of gear for any sailor because they keep their hands save during a tough day of sailing and prevent getting line burns. In our first 6 months onboard, we have worn down two pairs of sailing gloves. Each! Yes, the more inexperienced you are, the more sailing gloves you need. 🙂 So this is primarily a gift for sailing newbies, but also for experienced sailors as sailing gloves start to thin down after a season or two, so a spare one never hurts.

And hey if you are looking for a gift for a sailing couple, you can even get them matching one 🙂

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2 Rigging knife

A rigging knife can be used to untie knots and cut heavy ropes. Both things can be very useful on a daily basis, but mostly in dangerous situations, when cutting quickly a thick sheet can save lives. If you have ever touched a sheet or halyard when under tension, you can understand the forces involved in sailing and understand the importance of a rigging knife. There are many rigging knives out there and it can be challenging to choose. We recommend the ones that include a locking position to prevent it from slipping while cutting, which could lead to a severe injury.

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3 Charts, charts, charts

No sailor can navigate the waters without appropriated charts. Well, Colombus did, but he did not really end up where he wanted so…

Nowadays, charts are mostly digital, as they are a lot handier on a boat (don’t get wet, need less space, zooming is somehow smoother 🙂 ). The most well-known maps are Navionics charts, so you could get them a gift voucher for Navioncis or even a tablet with preloaded Navioncis cards.

However, some sailors do love some beautiful paper charts as their batteries never run low:). If you think your sailor would prefer those, check out idea 8, which could be nicely combined with a paper map.

4 Sail Repair Kit

Sailboat maintenance is a big part of a sailor’s life and we do accept every help we get. Besides an electrician, which we all would love to have on our boat, a sail repair kit is the most used help on board. 

5 Dry Bags

Looking for a useful and hip gift? Dry bags have become quite the celebrities in the last years and shown their multiple uses from city to sea life. Besides boat maintenance, a sailor spends most of his time trying to keep stuff dry, so help him out by gifting him or her a nice dry bag.

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6 Gear Bag

While wet bags are perfect for the dinghy trip on land or paddleboarding to the beach, sailors need something more robust and still waterproof when they arrive (or leave) their sailboat. A nice waterproof gear bag makes any sailor smile, so choose your gift and make a sailor happy.

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7 Waterproof Storage Box

They already have a wet bag and a waterproof gear bag? Looks like we are talking about some prepared sailor here. But no worries, we got something for everyone. Using a wet bag can sometimes be uncomfortable because of the size and softness of the bag, so here comes the Nanuk box. Perfectly fitted when you just need your phone and money and don’t want to carry your wet bag with you.

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8 Sextant

Nothing sexier than a good old sextant. Most of the sailors nowadays probably don’t know how to use it, but still, most of them would like to. It can be a rather expensive gift, especially counting the times they will use it, but it still is something every sailor would like to have, and is Christmas not about those things we truly desire instead of actually need?

9 Reef Safe Sunscreen

We Sailors love our sea and seeing it damaged by pollution has a significant impact on our sailing experience. Therefore protecting the sea is our first mission. Unfortunately, not everyone jet knows that traditional sunscreens play a big part in the pollution of our sea, as they directly disperse in the sea when we jump in for a refreshing swim. So help your sailor to protect its beloved waters by gifting them an ocean safe sunscreen.

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11 Kindle

Saving space is the number one rule on a sailboat, so bringing a lot of books on a boat is no real choice. But luckily we live in the 20th century and e-books have been invented. My personal favorite gift for all reading sailors is the e-book.

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11 Boat related reading material/novels

Even if most sailors would love to have the perfect wind to sail consistently, there are (a lot) of times we have to wait around for the ideal sailing conditions. For all those times and the times’ Sailors just love to enjoy sunbathing on deck, they love some good reading material. This can range from nerdier (like sail rigging books) to more leisure books (like sailing novels). Here is our best pick on sailing nerdy and leisure.

12 Portable Lights

Savety is a priority on a sailboat and very often, this security is linked to visibility. A good flashlight is, therefore, of vital essence to sailors. Here is a small selection of our fav lights for sailing.

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13 Sailing outfits

Yes, sailors actually do love to look good while they follow their passion. If men or women, we all love some nice sailing outfit. Here are our fav outfits for off and on land

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14 Sunglass

No outfit is complete without a beautiful sunglass. But be aware not every sunglass is appropriated for sailing. As sailors spent a lot of time in the open and are subjected to a lot of solar radiation due to reflections on the sea. A good polarized sunglass is essential to keep our eyes protect. We have tried several, but have always had porblems. If we find a worthy one we will share it with you.

15 Waterproof Portable Speaker

Sailors are hard-working, but they are also good relaxer. Checking out the local beach after anchoring is a must after a sailing day and what would be an evening on the beach without some music? A waterproof portable speaker is, therefore, an excellent addition for every sailor.

We wish you a merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful time together with your family. And remember no present is more precious then our time :). let us know in the comments what you think about the post. and don’t forget to subscribe for the e-mail updates or follow us on instagram or facebook to join us in this experience.

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